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Meet Eileen and Ginger  
Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)   Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)   Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)
Operation Blankets of Love was born and one of our first blanket drives in 2008.
Ginger & Eileen spreading inspiration on how attendees at the pet adoption event can help their local shelters.
One of my favorite pictures of us!!

Meet Eileen
Eileen Smulson, Founder and Executive Director
Life After 50 April 2012
"Inspired by one little dog, Eileen Smulson founded Operation Blankets of Love, offering hope to thousands of stray, sick, neglected, abused and homeless animals" -- by David Laurel "Some folks are cat people, some are dog people, and others have no attraction or attachment to animals of any sort. Eileen Smulson was of the latter. She says that, as a young girl, while she didn’t have a dislike for animals, she just never gave them any thought at all. Even as an adult, after moving from New Jersey to Los Angeles and meeting and marrying her animal-loving husband, Brad, Eileen still had no connection with cats, canines or any other four-legged creature."  

Operations Blankets of Love
The Pet Press December 2008 cover story. By Lori Golden
How Rescuing Her Dog Inspired Her to Create Operation Blankets of Love
I never owned a pet until my husband, Brad, and I adopted Ginger. I could not picture Ginger lying frightened and sad on a cold hard cement floor, caged up in a shelter. I wanted to make sure every homeless pet had warmth and comfort by having a blanket to snuggle in while they were waiting to be adopted into a loving forever home.
Ginger is my inspiration to launch Operation Blankets of Love. She is also our Mascot and Public Relations Director.

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Meet Ginger
Mascot and Public Realtions Director
I was about five months old, wandering a scorching desert highway in Palmdale, California. I was so tired, scared, thirsty, hungry, and confused. I didn't know how I ended up in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness someone found me because I had no tags or microchip. I was placed in a pleasant animal rescue group run by a wonderful lady.
October 11, 2003 is a day I will never forget. I was taken to Northridge, California with fifteen other homeless pets so the rescue lady could find a forever loving home for us.
I was the only one that did not yelp, bark, or cry. I was so timid and scared. I sat quietly in a pet cage waiting to be discovered. All of a sudden I was put into the arms of a man who petted and hugged me. Gee, this was the first time I was ever petted in my life and it felt so good. Then a woman bent over and did the same thing. Well, I was one lucky dog that day. They became my Mom and Pop and I became part of their family. My forever Mom never had a furry child before and had to go to doggie training school so we could learn the ropes together.  I love and enjoy being their Public Relations Director and Mascot and spreading our mission to help get homeless animals adopted!!  Since then these are my accomplishments:

Ginger's Accomplishments
·  Recipient of the American Red Cross Community Service Award
·  Graduate of 6 dog training classes: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, Tricks, Fun and Games and Dancing with the Dogs, plus Outdoor Agility
·  Certified pet therapy partner: Visiting hospitals, assisted living homes, veteran hospitals, nursing homes, schools and community centers
·  Teaching thousands of children from pre- school to college level OBOL’S Humane Education Learning Program (HELP) including youth and civic groups
·  Volunteer for Kids N Pets pet education programs to schools
·  Volunteer for READ Dog (Read Education Assistance Dog) Program: One-on-one reading with the kids in schools and libraries
·  Big Socialite...I just love people

"I could not picture Ginger sitting on the hard cement floor in the shelter. She was my inspiration to start Operation Blankets of Love!!!!"
-- Eileen Smulson, Operation Blankets of Love
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