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Needed Items for Homeless Animals  

You Can Help Stop Their Suffering and Help Save Lives of Homeless Animals Now!

Comfort and Care Items Needed Every Day



Blankets     -    Towels     -    Pet Beds    -     Collars     -    Leashes     -      Toys
Food       -         Treats     -    Dog Igloos     -   Crates      -      Stainless steel bowls
Carriers      -      
Flat sheets   -   Harnesses     -      Puppy Diapers        -        Pee Wee Pads
Dog Clothes    -     Shampoos      -      Flat sheets only    -     Flea Meds
First Aid and Grooming Supplies     -    Other dog and cat items

When provided with a comfort item like a blanket, the animals snuggle in and visibly relax, seeming to feel safer and more secure and warm. No longer shaking, tails begin to wag and ears perk up. When an animal appears in a home-like setting, their chance for adoption and survival increases dramatically.

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)   Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)   Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)
Mother gives birth on a big extra brand new soft blanket.
Her puppies sleeping on a brand newsoft clean blanket.
Before- Kittens are cold and depressed. After: Cozy and comfy and more relaxed with a soft baby blankets instead of laying on newspaper.


Please take a few moments to watch!! Eileen at a shelter where they showcase animals. She saw they were just on newspaper and donated a pet bed. Watch what happens!!!


Every day we get several animal rescues coming to get needed critical supplies for the survival and well-being of the animals.

Operation Blankets of Love (OBOL)
I have no voice. "Please give today!"

Homeless dogs and cats come from a variety of situations. Some are abused, abandoned, sick or dying. They are miserable, frightened and lonely. They sit and sleep on hard, cold. cement floors, cowering in corners, shivering in dingy cages with steel bars 24 hours a day.
The only problem is that they don't have the needed comfort items to alleviate the stress created when an animal is isolated and confined. A soft item keeps them off the ground, insulating them from drafty, cold floors, while cushioning joints and providing each animal its own space. Even well-adjusted animals are stressed in a shelter. And, if caged for any length of time, a once happy, well-adjusted animal spirals down into depression, anxiety, despair and dejection, making them a poor candidate for adoption.

What could it mean? In some instances, life or death.

Most homeless animals have been traumatized. Sadly, once inside a shelter/rescue, their trauma may not easily abate. Dogs may sleep on cold, hard cement floors; cats in wire cages. At overcrowded shelters, animals live in outdoor kennels, exposed to the elements. In these environments, animals are typically stressed, which can compromise their immune systems.


Seeing animals on bedding may help potential adopters imagine that animal in a more “home like” setting.--Catherine McManus VMD, College of Veterinarian Medicine, U of FL, 2012

Studies show and experts agree that shelter animals with blankets and comfort items relax and appear happier. Consequently, they’re more likely to interact positively with potential adopters, who are then more able to envision these animals as part of their homes and lives. The result is more animal adoptions.

“A soft resting place should be made available for all animals to provide comfort and prevent pressure sores from developing.” --Association for Shelter Veterinarians

“Cats who sleep on soft surfaces have longer periods of deep sleep than those who sleep on hard surfaces, suggesting they feel more secure.”
--SJ Crouse, et al, 1995, Soft surfaces: A factor in feline psychological well-being
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